Welcome to the Save Social Security blog. This blog was established to document exactly where each representative and senator in the 109th Congress stands on Social Security "privatization", a.k.a. Social Security abolition.

UPDATE: Josh Marshall has come up with a better system than this, so I've decided to shut this one down. Thanks to everyone who helped. I've been amazed at the level of support I've gotten, and the volume of e-mails, but I can no longer keep the site going alone. Thanks for your support.

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Saturday, December 18, 2004



Senator Mark Dayton (D)

Senator Norm Coleman (R)


1 Gil Gutknecht (R)

2 John Kline (R)

3 Jim Ramstad (R)

4 Betty McCollum (D)

5 Martin Olav Sabo (D)

6 Mark R. Kennedy (R)

7 Collin C. Peterson (D)

8 James L. Oberstar(D)


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